Series ITV


• Low pressure with 5-10 bar max.differential pressure.
• Max inlet pressure 2 bar.
• For fuel and lubrificant without abrasive contents.
• High volumetric efficiency - hydraulically balanced.
• Very low noise (52 -53 dBA at 2800 rpm).
• Capacity from 480 l/h to 8250 l/h (light oil 2800 rpm).

ITV pumps are positive displacement rotatory pumps with axial flow design suitable for different kinds of fluids: for light oil and heavy oil bunker oil.
The pump sucks the oil from a tank, it passes through the inlet port and arrive at the 3 screws, which compressed it and send it to the outlet.
The pump is equipped with a pressure relief valve with internal return, which limit the differential pressure into the pump and protect the pump in case of block of the outlet line.
Standard version is 5 bar Relief valve. It is also available a special version RF2 with 10 bar set relief valve.

NOTE: For different fuels please consult ITALPUMP.

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