Series ITRP


• Light and heavy oil
• Oil burners with spill-back nozzles.
• Adjustment 5-25 bar.
• Capacity up to 2500 l/h.

ITRP valve works between two different pressure values. The minimum pressure value is set by the minimum output setting pressure screw under the plug 1; it is suggested a value around 6 bar because this is the minimum rate to have an acceptable pulverization. The maximum pressure value is set by the plunger stroke "V" and the modulation is obtained with the movement of the piston in-out.
The valve also control the flow in the following way: the higher pressure in the valve has, as consequences, the less flow through it and also the lower pressure in the valve is, the higher flow through it.
On the other side in the nozzle return line the higher pressure has like consequence the more oil pulverized in the nozzle.

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