Series ITP


• Heavy oil and light oil.
• Two pipe system and
one pipe system.
• Drilling for heating cartridge.
• Capacity from 350 l/h to 1380 l/h.
Oil suction from the tank is generated by the rotation of the shaft. Sucked oil first reaches the gears, by which it is compressed and sent to the hydraulic valve.
The hydraulic valve opens when oil pressure gets over spring strength settled by pressure adjustment screw and the oil reaches nozzle line.
In two pipe systems the exceeding oil flows into the tank through the return line. On burner stop, the oil pressure immediately comes down and the spring strength, move the piston which stop the fluid flow to the line and at the same time allows the forwarding of the light oil to the return line.
The pump is manufactured with a drilling for the insertion of an heater cartridge to maintain fluid the oil without direct contact. It is very important to avoid damages, especially at the starting of the pump, that the viscosity of the oil is not too high. We suggest to keep on the cartridge during the pump operation.

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