Series GBW/KBW


• Light oil(GBW) and kerosene(KBW).
• One pipe or two pipe system.
• Solenoid valves with function at
2 stages of pressure.
• Self-priming.
• Solenoid valve with cut-off function.
• Capacity from 20 l/h to 70 l/h.

The suction vacuum generated by the gears sucks up the fuel through the suction line "A"; it crosses the filter and it is sent, at the pressure set by the high pressure adjustment screw "HRG" to low and high pressure solenoid valve "LNC" and "HNC". Part of the oil returns into the tank at the pressure value set by high pressure adjustment screw "HRG" or by the low pressure adjustment screw "LRG", when solenoid valve "LNC" is energized. When high pressure solenoid valve "HNC" is energized, the oil flows towards the nozzle at a reduced pressure,
because simultaneously also low pressure solenoid valve is excited "LNC". Afterwards the solenoid valve "LNC" is de-energized, it is obtained the maximum pressure to the nozzle, operating on the pressure
adjustment screw "HRG".
In two pipe systems the exceeding oil flows into the tank through the return line; in one pipe system it goes back to the suction line of the gears, after removing the by-pass screw and closed the return connection with a specific plug "R". When the burner stops, instantly the
solenoid valves "LNC" and "HNC" are de-energized and as consequence the flow is cut and the oil is forwarded to the recycle pipe.


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