Series GBE-LE


• Light oil.
• Two pipe system.
• Single stage.
• Cartridge filter.
• Solenoid valve, normally closed, with cut-off function.
• Capacity from 20 l/h to 70 l/h.
• Low emission on burner start and stop.

The special model GBE-LE is engineered to be mounted in domestic low capacity burner and working with a nodrip nozzle and a preheater mounted in the burner enabling a reduction of start-stop emissions.
The suction vacuum generated by the gears sucks up the fuel through the suction line "A"; it crosses the filter and it is sent under pressure to the pressure adjustment screw "RG".
During the prepurge cycle the "NC" solenoid valve prevent the exit of the fuel from the nozzle outlet "U" the total amount of processed fuel is sent on the return line "R" set by pressure adjustment screw "RG".
When the voltage is applied to the "NC" solenoid valve, the fuel is sent to the nozzle at the pressure value set by pressure adjustment screw "RG", only the exceeding fuel is sent on the return line "R".
During the operation it is possible to measure the suction vacuum by the vacuum gauge port "V" and the pressure by the pressure gauge port "P"; it is also available on the pump an auxiliary delivery port "P1".
The expansion of the oil due to the presence of a preheater is prevented by the presence of the relief valve "VR" which discharge it on the return line. The relief valve opens at lower pressure than the nozzle opening.
When the burner stops the voltage to the "NC" solenoid valve is cut-off and immediately the oil flows to the return line "R".


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